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Bookkeeping Courses

The AAT has two levels of bookkeeping qualification:

Completion of the Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping allows you to apply to achieve a professional AAT Bookkeeper status and entitles you to use the designatory letters AATQB.

Completion of the Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping gives you all the knowledge you need to study for the Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Accounting. It is also a great way for anyone who is a more mature student, or who has existing work experience especially in an office environment to enter the AAT qualification.

Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping

These two units assume no previous bookkeeping experience and teach the rules of double entry. By the end of these units you will be able to process business transactions, and create a set of accounting records to produce a Trial Balance.

How long will it take me?
The Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping is achievable in 3 months.

Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping

The knowledge included starts from the production of the trial balance and introduces the adjustments needed to be able to  produce a simple set of accounts for a sole trader or a partnership. The indirect Tax course introduces VAT and students will learn about the fundamental VAT rules and their application. 

How long will it take me?
The Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping is achievable in 4 months.