Peak Accoutancy Training

Accountancy Courses

The AAT has three levels of accountancy qualification

Foundation Certificate 

Level 2 of the AAT qualification assumes no previous knowledge. Students will learn basic bookkeeping skills, and receive an introduction to management accounting, and using Computerised Accounting Software.

How long will it take me?
The Foundation Certificate in Accounting is achievable in 6 months.

Advanced Diploma

Level 3 of the AAT qualification, basic bookkeeping skills are required. Students learn about adjustments required to prepare a set of final accounts. You will also learn management accounting skills and an introduction to Indirect tax - VAT.

How long will it take me?
The Advanced Diploma in Accounting is achievable in 6 to 10 months depending on the frequency of study.

Professional Diploma

Level 4 of the AAT qualification. Students learn about company accounts, develop their management accounting skills to a higher level in order to be able to provide information to support decisions. Plus students can choose 2 optional papers to specialise in Tax, Audit, Cash or Credit Management.

How long will it take me?
The Professional Diploma in Accounting is achievable in 12 months.