Peak Accoutancy Training

AAT Professional Diploma in Accountancy (Level 4)

This is the final level of the AAT qualification. The level includes 4 compulsory units

The Synoptic exam can only be sat once the other 3 compulsory exams have been sat as the knowledge examined includes knowledge from all 3 units. Please view this timetable for available synoptic sittings in 2020 set by the AAT. 

In addition, students can then choose two units from the following 5 options:

How will I cope with Level 4?

To start level 4 students must have either completed the level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting or have equivalent academic qualifications. We can advise you on an individual basis whether starting at level 4 is the right decision for you.


All units are examined by computer based assessment. Unlike other levels of the AAT qualification all results will be available 6 weeks after the exam is sat. All exams are human marked as all exams contain written content.

Please note that the Synoptic exam is only available to be sat in limited weeks of the year. Please see the AAT website for details or contact us for more details.

How long will it take?

Students should allow around 12 months to complete the level. This depends on the frequency of studies. These courses are available as either a classroom or online course. 

Which optional units should I study?

We are always happy to discuss your individual requirements with you as there is not a ‘one style fits all’ approach. Students choose the  optional units based on a variety of reasons so we want to make sure you study the best optional units for your circumstances.