Peak Accoutancy Training

Remote Invigilation Assessments

AAT assessments are being made available to sit via remote invigilation. This means that you do not have to attend an assessment centre to sit your assessment.

The current assessments available to book are as follows:

Level 2 ITBK From 14 March
Level 2 POBC From 14 March
Level 2 PCTN From 29 April
Level 2 BESY From 29 April
Level 3 TPFB From 28 May
Level 3 BUAW From 28 May
Level 3 FAPS From end of June
Level 4 DAIF From 14 March
Level 4 AMAC From 10 June
Level 4 BNTA From 10 June
Level 4 PNTA From 10 June
Level 2 EPA In -Tray From 18 March
Level 3 EPA ADSY From 15 April
Level 4 EPA PDSY From 25 March


You should read the following document Remote invigilation for selected AAT assessments | AAT to make sure you are eligible and able to meet the criteria to sit the assessment before making your booking.

The assessment can be taken at any time during the day specified and on any day of the week.

Results for assessments that are computer marked will be available within 10 working days of sitting the assessment. This is to allow for time in which AAT can check footage taken during the assessment to ensure the integrity of the assessment.

Results release for remote EPA assessments will be 4 weeks.

Results release for all other externally marked assessments will be within 6 weeks.

The price of remote assessments are as follows:

Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


For EPA exams you be charged the admin fees only, £52 inc VAT, unless this is a resit where the normal RI fees above will apply. 

Booking an assessment

Assessments must be booked using our online booking form available on this link which must then be emailed to admin@peakaccountancytraining.co.uk

All bookings for remote invigilation exams must be placed at least 5 working days prior to the date you wish to sit the exam. This is to allow sufficient time for the exam to be raised and for the exam software to be tested. If you are booking your first remote invigilated exam you will be required to log into a practice assessment to ensure that your computer equipment is working properly and is fully compatible with the software.

If you have requested an invoice to your employer then all this must be paid within 5 days of the date of the invoice. Otherwise fees must be paid immediately by debit / credit card. We will forward a payment link for you to make payment

Please note once a booking has been confirmed should you wish to amend the booking there will be a further fee of £15 to pay to cover administrative expenses.