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AAT will be making some changes to the Level 3 synoptic exam (AVSY) from 1st September 2021. The details of the changes are outlined in the information below.

 Please note: If you are currently awaiting results for this unit your result will be unaffected. This information will only be relevant if you receive a not yet competent result on 26 August for the current AVSY unit.

 The exam has been split into two parts:

Part 1 (ADSY) will test professional ethics, and cover revision of the other units (AVBK, MMAC, FAPR) and will include some more written tasks. The exam has 6 tasks and will be 2 hours 30 minutes long, and will be subject to the usual synoptic windows. This is all very similar to the previous part 1 of the AVSY exam.

Part 2 (SPSH) AAT have removed Spreadsheets from the ADSY exam and this is now a stand alone assessment, which must be sat in invigilated conditions in an assessment centre. The SPSH assessment is 2 hours long. The assessment is available on demand and is not subject to the synoptic windows. Although marked as competent / not yet competent (no % given) this assessment will not contribute towards the overall grade at Level 3. However the assessment is mandatory and must be completed to achieve the Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting, and for you to receive your Level 3 certificate.

 Peak’s materials, regardless of studying online or in classroom courses remain valid to enable students to achieve the new ADSY unit and the SPSH unit. Our mock exams will be updated to reflect the new approach by AAT, and we will be providing a new video introduction to the course which will be available in the online learning by Friday 20 August to ensure students have plenty of time to prepare for the next synoptic window in week commencing 13 September.  

 We hope this helps to explain the changes and further information is also available on AAT’s website on this link: ‚ÄčAdvanced Diploma Synoptic assessment changes from September 2021 | AAT

 Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

August 2021


9th August 2021

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